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The export garment made in HLD Garments Group has become one of Japanese market production bases. The product structure is mainly mid-end and high-end brand clothing, including down jacket, sportswear, windbreaker, etc. Some of the world's famous brands has more than 10 years of production history in HLD. HLD won "Global Contribution Award" and was rated as the "Global Best Supplier" issued by the customers, and even Japanese media come to HLD, making demonstration report of our group.

With adhering to the quality principle of "accumulating every improvement to perfect quality" , HLD has established a whole set of international management standard system. During the production process, the "3N" standard and the operation standard are strictly implemented. Various templates, small tools and "FP" error-proof devices are applied to make sure that each process can produce qualified products. HLD devotes to promoting the IE management. By carrying out the working hours standard and GSD action analysis, balancing the production line beat and breaking through the bottleneck process, the production efficiency and quality have been greatly improved. HLD greatly reduces the changing time, meets the customers' demand for small quantities, multiple batches and short delivery time, and continuously makes the assembly lines production more flexible and improves the rapid response ability through promoting the Versatile Workers Plan, implementing the bridge production and improving the standardized process of clothing style changing.

HLD has continuously improved the quality management system from source to the finished product. We established advanced testing laboratories to test all the accessories, to ensure product quality from the source. As for each quality problem-prone point, a series of production and inspection benchmarks have been developed and improved. In HLD, we never miss any details. After hundreds of production processes, only a garment without a thread can be considered as a qualified product. HLD implements such quality idea to all staff by carrying out series of theme activities. For HLD staff, products reflect people's characters, good products are always made by good people. As the quality work is so important, the mechanism of problems discovery in advance is constantly improved. We set up the professional simulation pipelines in Planning Department. By fully utilizing APQP mechanism, quality problems can be avoided as much as possible in the designing phase, which can greatly improve the productivity and quality.

HLD sticks to the road of green production, technology research and development and company transformation and upgrading, and has carried out reform and innovation with international high-end brand customers, which has promoted transformation and upgrading from OEM to ODM gradually. HLD insists on improving the degree of automation, saving manpower and informationization. We have introduced automatic cutting lines and hanging lines, taken part in designing automatic filling machine and template machine and, etc. Some of them are sold back to Japan and received praise from the customers.

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