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The light of craftsmen shines, and many employees are commended by trade unions at all levels

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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to build an army of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workers, carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and create a social atmosphere of glorious labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence. As a traditional manufacturing industry, Hualida has always insisted that traditional industries are not traditional and ordinary enterprises are extraordinary. A large number of hard-working and dedicated employees have achieved the steady development of Hualida. Before Labor Day, many employees of the company were commended by trade unions at all levels.  

They are:

National May 1st Labor Medal, National Outstanding Migrant Worker Cai Ganzhong

Changzhou May 1st Labor Medal Wang Jiutong

Section 3, Sewing Fourth Workshop, Changzhou Worker Pioneer Industrial Park

2020-2021 Changzhou May 1st Women's Model Post Industrial Park Uniqlo Trading Team, Changruirui Auto Parts Human Resources Department

2020-2021 Zhang Yajuan, Technical Department of Changzhou May 1st Women's Pacesetter Industrial Park

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